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PHRU Review: 2010
The PHRU Review: 2010 is a documentary style review of PHRU history, work and recent accomplishments. Using compelling narratives and photo essays of some of PHRU’s staff, clients and community advisory board members, PHRU’s latest publication tells the organization’s story and reveals the heart behind the work. Download

PHRU Overview: 1996-2005
The 1996-2005 overview report looks back over PHRU’s first decade. Download



Kids Count: The Children's ART Adherence Resource Pack & The Children’s ART Adherence Training Guide
An initiative of the Adherence Networking Group, this pack includes resources to assist those involved in the planning, provision and support of ART interventions in children. The pack includes: information essential for effective counselling of children and caregivers, such as medical, legal and developmental perspectives; key issues in adherence counselling for caregivers and children; information sheets which can be used as handouts in training or given to caregivers; detailed information on specific psychosocial issues, such as VCT for children, disclosure, grief and loss, sexuality, developmental and parenting challenges; examples of strategies used to support children and their caregivers; and, finally, a list of resources that may be needed to assist caregivers and children.

The Children's ART Adherence Resource Pack Download from the Centre for the Study of AIDS or the South African Department of Health

Children’s ART Adherence Training Guide Download from the Centre for the Study of AIDS or the South African Department of Health

Adherence Resource Pack
Developed by the Adherence Networking Group, this resource pack provides highly relevant information on adherence to anti-retroviral treatment in an easily accessible form. It is aimed at lay counsellors and professionals interested in adherence support and training. The pack includes material on ART adherence counselling and support, a trainer's guide, information sheets, sample training curricula and a list of support resources. Download from the Centre for the Study of AIDS or the South African Department of Health

The Effects of Adult Morbidity and Mortality on Household Welfare and the Well-being of Children
in Soweto

PHRU’s 2002-2003 innovative household survey to determine the impact of HIV/AIDS on household vulnerability and child health. Download

I am Pregnant, Should I Have an HIV Test?
An informational brochure for HIV-positive expectant mothers. Download



News Release: Glenda Gray Elected as One of Five New IOM Foreign Associates


Book Chapters

Chapter 1: Background to science and HIV vaccine development (Vardas E). In HAVEG training manual, Eds Slack C, Strode A. Towards a common understanding of the role of ethics, the law and human rights in the development of a South African HIV vaccine. Capacity Development Workshop for NGO’s. University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, August 2000. (3rd Edition Completed Sept 2004).


Conducting clinical trials in South Africa: Steps necessary for HIV vaccine related research (Gray G). Treizième Colloque des Cent Gardes. Retroviruses of Human AIDS and Related Animal Diseases. 2003:1-5.


How masculinity and lifestyle of drinking in shebeens interact to create risks for transmission of HIV/AIDS in a black township in South Africa (Mfecane S, Struthers H, Gray G and McIntyre J). In Anita Hardin and Diana Ginson (eds). Rethinking Gender and Masculinities. Confronting issues of health. 2005 Netherlands: Spinhuis Publishers.