Dr. Ravindre Panchia, MBBCh, BSc Hons (Genetics)
Director: HIV Prevention

Dr. Ravindre Panchia is a medical doctor who serves in multiple concurrent roles. He is the PHRU investigator of record for a trial that was named by the prestigious and influential journal Science as the Medical Breakthrough of 2011, HPTN 052, that went on to change World Health Organisation treatment and prevention guidelines. He is also the CIPRA-SA Programme Officer. Additionally, Dr Panchia has, since 2006, managed PHRU’s Data Management, Statistics, Regulatory and internal monitoring departments. Dr. Panchia’s impressive expertise ranges from protocol review; ethics and regulatory document preparation and submission; case report form and database design; data validation, cleaning and reporting; and data safety monitoring board report preparation. Dr. Panchia graduated as a medical doctor in 1995 from the University of the Witwatersrand and holds an Honours degree in molecular genetics. He has over thirteen years of clinical research experience as an investigator and clinical research associate.